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The City of Norfolk in Virginia

Norfolk, VirginiaThere are two main things we are really passionate about: our profession of being a car mechanic and the city where we are living: Norfolk, VA. It is a great pride for us that we can practice our trade in such a fantastic city in Virginia, we really believe that this is a very special place in the country. It is true that every day when we get up it fills us with motivation that we can repair the cars of this city, mostly for people who we have known for years. But even if we meet new people during our work, it is always such a nice experience to build new friendships in Norfolk and in Hampton Roads. 

Because we are so proud that we were born and raised in this city, here we have gathered some interesting facts and information about Norfolk, so people who have not been here before can get an idea about the specifics of the city. We hope that this will serve as an inspiration for you to visit our city. Let us know if you have found this guide helpful or you have other recommendations which we should include. 

Interesting facts about Norfolk, VA:

The city of Norfolk has an estimated population of around 238,000.

The city is located in Virginia and is the 91st largest city of the United States. 

Norfolk is located in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area, just north of Portsmouth and west of Virginia Beach. 

The city is an important location from both transportation and military perspectives. 

There are 86,000 households in Norfolk, while the population density can be considered average. 

The neighborhoods of the city:

Our favourite restaurants in Norfolk, VA

No Frill
Freemason Abbey

Our favorite sights in Norfolk:

Virginia Zoo
Town Point Park
Botanical Garden

Each year a lot of tourists arrive to Hampton Roads and Norfolk in particular to experience the Virginia lifestyle. This is such a good spot for people coming from other parts of the US to explore the eastern shore highlights, but it is important to note that Norfolk also attracts visitors from other countries as well. It is quite typical that people only plan to stay a few nights in Norfolk, VA, but then they fall in love with the city and decide to extend their stay. Even our friends and relatives who are just visiting us for a few days always mention that they cannot wait to return and explore even more. The best part about Norfolk is, that it has to offer so much for all types of people: the children have an amazing time at the beach, while culture-lovers can explore the great museums, and people who are restaurant-fanatics can also pick their favorite spots. No wonder that this city in Virginia is attracting more and more visitors every year. 


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